I'm a professional full time body piercer, i work at A Fu Kein Good Tattoo, I specialize in all piercings, to include the basics, genitals, surface anchors and one of a kind corset pieces. I am eager to please my clients and open to original ideas in hopes to taking body modification to the next level. 

I take my job very seriously and I care about your satisfaction as a client. In order to provide the best service possible, Im continuously educating myself and looking for new ideas and piercing concepts to maintain a thorough knowledge of my field. It is important to me to share what Ive learned with my clients because you should care as much about your body, as do I! Lets do something amazing together! I also have tons great jewelry for you to check out. I love my life and everything I do!!

I do AMAZING deals on piercings and surface anchors and if any one is interested in any types of piercings ears, corsets dermal designs I have got some great original ideas and some other things as well , im ready lets do this! I am always looking for models who wants corset piercings and also photographers and M.U.A's. Corset prices are always negotiable as well.  I always am working with my customers to best fill your needs!!!


**And Attention North Florida and ladies and even guys willing to travel at the moment I am preparing to do and I am in the starting the works of making a edgy, vixen-ish, pin- up, zombie, off the norm type, devilish, something different coffe table book of sorts if you want to call it , featuring ALL of my piercings and other things as well, with a little bit of this and a little bit of that- and I am needing ladies of all shapes, ethnicities, and radness! I are looking to make this an amazing coffee table book, so let's started!Also if you have any ideas for this and want to help with the project  

Message me at tattoolizz@gmail.com with your availability. The project is going to for awhile , and hair/make-up will be done by myself and or other M.U.A's  Stay tuned for more info! If you are a photographer, model, sponsor, retoucher, etc..... message me to be included as well!**